Interfacing MATLAB with C code

Interfacing MATLAB® with user-written C code.

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This one-day course focuses on interfacing MATLAB® with user-written C code. Through hands-on examples and exercises, the course explores generating MEX-files to incorporate external C code in MATLAB applications and calling MATLAB code from C applications.

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Who Should

This hands-on course is designed for engineers who wish to interface their Matlab code with user-written C code.

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Familiarity with terminology and concepts related to programming in C (especially pointers). Experience with MATLAB is recommended.

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Upon the completion of the course, the participants will At the end of this course, attendees will be able to:

  • Write and compile source MEX files
  • Pass data between MATLAB and MEX files
  • Call MATLAB code from C code using the engine interface
  • Identify the proper approach for interfacing MATLAB with C code


TechSource Systems Pte Ltd
TechSource Systems Pte Ltd

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Course Outline

MEX-File Overview

Objective: Identify required components of a MEX-file and set up the environment for producing MEX-files.

  • Introduction to MEX-files
  • Applications of MEX-files
  • Components of a MEX-file
  • Setting up MATLAB to compile MEX-files
  • Building and running a MEX-file
TechSource Systems Pte Ltd
TechSource Systems Pte Ltd

MEX-Files with Inputs and Outputs

Objective: Create MEX-files with inputs and outputs for interacting with MATLAB environment.

  • Data flow in MEX-files
  • MATLAB data
  • The mxArray class
  • Working with pointers
  • Working with mxArray API functions
  • Working with strings
  • When to use MEX-files
  • Handling datas

MEX-File Interface Considerations

Objective: Display diagnostic messages and manage memory in MEX-files.

  • Displaying diagnostic messages
  • Memory allocation and deallocation
  • Preventing memory leaks
  • Working with input and output memory
  • Debugging MEX-files
TechSource Systems Pte Ltd
TechSource Systems Pte Ltd

Calling MATLAB from C Code

Objective: Call the MATLAB engine from a C application to evaluate MATLAB expressions and transfer data between the C application and the MATLAB engine.

  • Introduction to the MATLAB engine
  • Data flow in MATLAB engine applications
  • Calling the MATLAB engine
  • Compiling and running MATLAB engine applications