MATLAB Live Webinar Series

Data Science with MATLAB:

"Extracting Insights from Structured & Unstructured Data"

20 Sept 2019 | 10:00am - 11:00am GMT+8 | Online Via WebEx


"Extracting Insights from

Structured & Unstructured Data"


Isn't it great when you get a set of data and it's perfectly organized and ready for you to analyze? How often does that happen to you in the real world?  The truth is, when you are trying to solve real world industry problems, your datasets from different sources are typically not ready for use at all. It's frequently messy, disorganized, and inconsistent.


There’s a lot of work to be done before the data is ready for use, such as data extraction, data validation, data cleaning, integrating disparate datasets and visualizing datasets before making further decisions.



In this webinar, you will learn:

In this session, we explore the fundamentals of data science using MATLAB. We will use an example to address a typical data science problem including data access, pre-processing, machine learning model development, and finally deployment of the model to a web application.


  • Accessing and exploring large data sets

  • Pre-processing and analysing various types of data including textual and time-stamped data using MATLAB data types: table, timetable, string, categorical, datetime, duration, tall arrays

  • Working with messy data including outliers, missing and noisy data, joining tales, synchronizing data by time, and calculating statistics by group

  • Visualizing various data types: time series plots, heatmaps, word clouds, geographic plots, boxplots

  • Training and validating machine learning models using the Classification Learner and Regression Learner apps

  • Integrating model predictions into a web application running on the cloud



Kevin Chng

LTC Application Engineer, TechSource Systems

Mr. Kevin Chng is the LTC Application Engineer at Techsource Systems. He holds a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering with Honours (1st Class) Degree from Universiti Malaysia Sabah, Malaysia. His focuses are AI (machine learning & deep learning), finance application and Enterprise Solution (Azure, Microsoft Visual Studio, Production Server, Tableau). He is top contributors of MATLAB Example, functions and application to the MATLAB community. You may find his MATLAB community profile in Mathworks website :

With 10 years of experience in Communications Systems and RF, Suharyono specialises in helping companies and government agencies to implement hardware and systems in the field of communications. He holds a Master of Science (Electrical and Computer Engineering) and Bachelor of Science (Electrical and Electronics Engineering) from Oregon State University, USA. He possess a strong foundation of hardware as well as programming skillset to ensure success in his clients.


Application Engineer, TechSource Systems

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