Train the Trainer 

Provide the lecturers with a head start to be an effective MATLAB trainer

Course Highlights


MATLAB is one of the widely used software in industry especially in engineering applications. It provides commonly used functions and it allows customization that enable users to create functions that are suited for specific applications. Having a good understanding on how to use the software efficiently is very important.

Course Objectives
Our MATLAB Train-The-Trainer training workshop will provide lecturers with the skills to help them deliver challenging technical topics. Training skills such as classroom facilitation, conducting MATLAB training needs analyses, and managing tough topics will provide the participants with a headstart to be an effective MATLAB trainer.

Course Benefits

  • Gain strategies and techniques to deliver effective and efficient MATLAB and Simulink training

  •  Acquire tips and knowledge to teach challenging topics


Course Contents

This training can be customized to meet specific requirement which may involve application-based training such as control systems, signal processing, image processing, machine learning, and many more.

This training will cover topics such as understanding the characteristics of a competent MATLAB trainer and techniques to teach MATLAB and dealing with real situations, handling questions and feedback, as well as practical tips to teach MATLAB.

Role play, presentation and hands-on practice will be carried out throughout this training.


Equip yourself with other skills by going through specific application training.

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  • MATLAB Train-the-Trainer for Biomedical Engineering

  • MATLAB and Simulink Train-the-Trainer for Mechatronic Engineering

  • MATLAB Train-the-Trainer for Data Science

  • MATLAB Train-the-Trainer for Artificial Intelligent Applications