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Testing Generated Code in Simulink

Course Highlights

This is a one-day course that provides a working introduction to designing and testing embedded applications with Simulink® Coder™ and Embedded Coder®. Themes of simulation speedup, parameter tuning in the deployed application, structure of embedded code, code verification, and execution profiling are explored in the context of model-based design. Topics include:

  • Simulation Speedup with Code Generation

  • Parameter Tuning with External Mode

  • Code Generation

  • In-the-Loop Verification

  • Code Execution Profiling


Working experience with Simulink is compulsory. Simulink® for System and Algorithm Modeling (or Simulink for Automotive System Design) can be taken to satisfy the prerequisite. Knowledge of C programming language is strongly recommended to learners who want to benefit from code inspection.


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Course Outline

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Simulation Speedup with Code Generation


Objective: Speedup the simulation of your Simulink models and perform Monte Carlo simulations using the code generation features in Simulink.

  • Normal simulation mode

  • Accelerator mode

  • Rapid Accelerator mode

  • Standalone rapid simulation (Rsim)

  • Simulation speed comparison and tradeoffs

  • Monte Carlo simulation with Rsim target


Parameter Tuning with External Mode


Objective: Tune parameters in the embedded application using the External mode feature in Embedded Coder.

  • External mode workflow

  • Parameter tuning in External mode

  • External mode considerations


Code Generation


Objective: Generate code for algorithm implementation and integrate the code with an execution harness or legacy code.

  • Generating Generic Real-Time (GRT) code from a model

  • Verifying GRT code

  • Generating Embedded Real-Time (ERT) code from a model

  • ERT code modules and entry points

  • Calling model entry points

  • Integrating external code


In-the-Loop Verification


Objective: Verify generated code using Simulink Coder and Embedded Coder.

  • Generating an S-function from a subsystem

  • Software-in-the-loop (SIL) verification

  • Processor-in-the-loop (PIL) verification

  • Verifying a subsystem using SIL and PIL

  • Verifying an entire model using SIL and PIL

  • Legacy code and verification


Code Execution Profiling


Objective: Profile execution times in generated code using Embedded Coder.

  • Code execution profiling for a subsystem

  • Selective profiling

  • Code execution profiling for an entire model

  • Applications of code execution profiling