Innovate Malaysia Design Competition

The Innovate Malaysia Design Competition promotes a culture and mindset of innovation among university graduates to enhance knowledge and skill sets in practical engineering. Model-Based Design and AI using MATLAB and Simulink enable students to efficiently design and build a real-world engineering creation.

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The Winner's Circle

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Universiti Sains Malaysia

1st Place - Innovate Malaysia Design Competition 2018

Team MY322 designed a distributed cooperative synchronization between master and slave units where both of the robot arms are connected over a network. The control signal is shared amongst them as well as the implementation of a robust observer, which uses sliding mode observer theory. MATLAB and Simulink support package for Arduino as well as Simulink Coder have been used to control the robot arms in synchronized motion and the fault is introduced via software by using Band-Limited White Noise block in MATLAB/Simulink. The team can set the value of noisy signal differently to see the performance of this robust observer.

Cooperative Controlled Two Industrial Robot Arms with Real Time Fault Detection


Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia


3rd Place - Innovate Malaysia Design Competition 2018

Team MY144 developed a smart and responsive blind with fuzzy logic as a main decision module. The fuzzy logic controls the length and angle of the blind and the LED brightness responds to any variation in thermal comfort parameters. The response is governed by the fuzzy inference system (FIS) and the membership function, namely the fuzzy controller. This system is developed using Fuzzy Logic Toolbox and MATLAB and Simulink support package for Arduino. The data is uploaded to the cloud via ThingSpeak Support Toolbox in order to incorporate the model with the IoT network system. The user can switch on or off the fuzzy controller and can monitor the thermal comfort parameters via a mobile app.

Project Video

File Exchange Entry

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia


2nd Place - Innovate Malaysia Design Competition 2018

First runner up, team MY115 developed a computer vision solution to estimate the level of myopia using the distance between a camera lens and a reference object. From real-time image acquisition, region of interest is extracted using color segmentation. Detection algorithms use the intrinsic parameter of the camera to perform pixel operation and apply triangle similarities. Distance can be computed with less than 2% maximum error after proper calibration. To overcome the stability issue due to surroundings, a GUI with calibrated model parameters is created. MATLAB analysis is done on the data stored on ThingSpeak to remove redundant and useless data pairs. The clean data is gathered by a mobile app with a data visualizer.

File Exchange Entry

Automated Prescription Lens Calculator Video

Project Files

Processed Data from ThingSpeak


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