DSP Design 

Software-Defined Radio with ZYNQ7000

Course Description

Learn how to cooperate RF related algorithm from MATLAB/SIMULINK with VIVADO to create RTL code running.  The course offers hands-on experience with building standalone prototype of Radio Device (i.e. Communication Radio, Femto-cells, Pico-Cells and etc) using YunSDR which is a Zynq platform. This course includes implementing RF communication, MATLAB/SIMULINK coder, Vivado High Level Synthesis and Embedded Linux. The focus of the training is creating a quick prototype.


Connectivity 3 


3 days


Who Should Attend

  • This hands-on course is designed for intermediate users. Anyone interested in quickly creating prototype using MATLAB/SIMULINK and Vivado-HLS as well as the SDR.

Course Prerequisite

  • FPGA Design Experience

  • Completion of the Essentials of FPGA Design course or equivalent knowledge of Xilinx Vivado® software implementation tools

  • Basic understanding of microprocessors

  • Some HDL modeling experience


Software Tools

  • Vivado System Edition



  • Signal Processing Toolbox

  • DSP System Toolbox

  • Communication System Toolbox

  • Embedded Coder Toolbox


  • YunSDR Y320 Kit based on Xilinx Zynq-7000 XC7Z020

Skills Gained

After completing this training, you will know how to:

  • Evaluate RF algorithm using MATLAB/SIMULINK

  • Convert algorithm using Embedded coder and VIVADO-HLS

  • Cooperate hardware block with Linux kernel and device driver to create a standalone prototype

  • Create a working ARM Cortex-A9 MPCore Linux system using the Vivado Design Suite and PetaLinux tools

  • Build custom hardware cores and device drivers using the user space I/O (UIO) framework

Course Outline

Day 1

  • Software Define Radio Overview

  • Lab 1: Introduction to Software Define Radio Modeling with MATLAB and SIMULINK

  • Basic Communication Protocol

  • Lab 2: RF Modulation Technique

  • Software Define Radio Frontend Overview

  • Lab 3: Software Define Radio Frontend Configuration: Loopback RTL Application

  • Digital Modulation Communication Protocol Overview

  • Lab 4: Digital Modulation with SIMULINK

Day 2

  • High Level Synthesis Overview

  • Lab 5: High Speed RF Prototyping with HLS

  • SIMULINK Model Approach for Software Define Radio

  • Lab 6: Embedded Coder for Rapid Prototyping

  • Software Define Radio Frontend Overview

  • Software Define Radio System Architecture

  • Baseband Processor Overview

  • Lab 7: Simple Radio Modem

Day 3

  • Embedded Linux Overview

  • PetaLinux Tools

  • Lab 8: Building Linux Embedded System

  • PetaLinux with Custom Hardware and Device Driver

  • Lab 9: Configurable Radio Modem

  • Linux Networking Overview

  • Lab 9: Radio Modem with Option



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