Exclusive MATLAB Seminar

Simplifying Image Processing and Computer Vision Application Development


SIT | 10 Oct 2019 | 1:00pm to 3.00pm | LTB1A, Level 1, at SIT@NP


Developers of modern image processing and computer vision applications face many challenges regarding handling large data sets and working with new computing paradigms, such as GPU computing. In this seminar, we will demonstrate how you can use MATLAB to simplify your image processing and computer vision application development workflow.


Potential topics within this talk include the following:


  1. Tracking people’s faces in video, with RANSAC to filter spurious matches

    1. Detect objects using the Viola-Jones algorithm

    2. Detect Objects Using Point Features

    3. Track points in video using Kanade-Lucas-Tomasi (KLT) algorithm

  2. Given parameters of a calibrated stereo camera and a pair of stereo images, how to measure the distances from the camera to the three faces in the scene.

    1. Compute stereo disparity map using the disparity() function

    2. Get the 3D world coordinates for (almost) every pixel using the reconstructScene function.

    3. Measure Distances to Faces

  3. Working with OpenCV and MATLAB

  4. Code Generation for Hardware Deployment

Speaker Profile


Ian Alferez

Principal Application Engineer, TechSource Systems

Ian M. Alferez is the Principal Application Engineer at TechSource Systems. He specializes in in the field of embedded system (embedded coder configuration), data analytics (Machine Learning) and technical computing with Matlab/Simulink. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communication Engineering from the University of San Carlos in Cebu, Philippines. Before joining Techsource Asia, he worked as a Software Development Engineer at Lear Corporation where he refined his skills in Model Based Design with regards to the Verification and Validation Workflow and Embedded Software / Hardware. 

He has built his forte in Process Automation with Matlab, Production Code Customization, Optimization and Generation with Embedded Coder, Matlab/Simulink Algorithm for Auto Code Generation and Hardware Target Deployment, Customizing the Auto Test Generation / Property Proving with Simulink Design Verifier.

12:30pm - 01:00pm
01:00pm – 02:00pm
Part I: Simplifying Image Processing and Computer Vision Application Development
02:00pm - 02:15pm
02:15pm – 03:00pm
Part II: Simplifying Image Processing and Computer Vision Application Development