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Simulink Fault Analyzer enables systematic fault effect and safety analysis using simulation.

Simulink Fault Analyzer performs fault injection simulations without modifying your design. Faults can be timed or triggered by system conditions. You can manage faults that are modeled in Simulink, Simscape, and System Composer. Fault effects can be analyzed with Simulation Data Inspector. You can conduct fault sensitivity analyses using the Multiple Simulations panel. You can perform safety analyses, such as Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA), while leveraging simulation.

Simulink Fault Analyzer lets you create formal connections between faults, hazards, fault detection and mitigation logic, and other artifacts (with Requirements Toolbox).


Simulink Fault Analyzer Essentials, Part 1: Introducing Simulink Fault Analyzer

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Model Faults

Inject faults and other abnormal behavior onto Simulink signals without modifying your model. Define complex fault behavior such as noise and delays. Configure fault injection triggers based on simulation time and system conditions.

Analyze Fault Effects

Use the Simulation Data Inspector to analyze the effects of faults on your design. Log fault activity and monitor system conditions of interest, such as hazards.

Perform Systematic Safety Analyses

Conduct safety analyses, such as Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA), using design and simulation artifacts.

Animated image of a fault being configured for simulation in a Simscape model.
Screenshot of a Fault Specification Report describing two faults.
Manage Faults Across Domains

Configure and manage faults modeled in Simulink, Simscape, and System Composer.

Conduct Fault Sensitivity Studies
Analyze how effective your fault detection and fault mitigation strategies are when fault behavior varies or when multiple faults are injected via simulation during design studies.
Generate Fault Specification Reports

Export fault modeling information and create custom fault specification reports.

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