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Simulation-Based Testing with SIMULINK

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This one-day course describes techniques for testing Simulink® model behavior against system requirements using Simulink Test, "Simulink Requirements", Simulink Coverage". Topics include:

  • Identifying the role of verification and validation in Model-Based Design

  • Creating test cases for Simulink models

  • Analyzing simulation results to verify model behavior

  • Automating testing activities and managing results

  • Automatically generating artifacts to communicate results


Attended Comprehensive MATLAB and Comprehensive Simulink or having equivalent experience in using MATLAB and SIMULINK. This course is intended for intermediate or advanced Simulink users.



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Course Outline

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Verification and Validation in Model-Based Design


Objective: Introduce verification and validation in the Simulink environment, and discuss how it fits in to a typical project workflow using Model-Based Design.

  • Continuous test and verification

  • Types of verification

  • Electronic throttle control project


Developing Test Cases


Objective: Create time-based and logic-based test cases for a Simulink model.

  • Defining test cases

  • Generating test harnesses

  • Creating and importing test inputs

  • Incorporating logic in tests


Analyzing Test Results


Objective: Analyze test results of a Simulink simulation, both during and after the simulation.

  • Performing requirements-based assessments

  • Logging, inspecting, and comparing test results

  • Collecting model coverage


Building Test Suites


Objective: Create repeatable groups of tests and automatically generate reports from the test results.

  • Creating test files

  • Configuring simulation, baseline, and equivalence tests

  • Viewing and documenting test results