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R2024a-Release Highligths Video
R2024a Release Highlights

Major Updates

  • Computer Vision Toolbox – Deploy YOLOX object detection; conduct team-based labeling; perform real-time visual SLAM.
  • Deep Learning Toolbox – Support architectures such as transformers; import and co-simulate PyTorch and TensorFlow models.
  • GPU Coder – Generate generic CUDA for deep learning; use single memory manager and profile code for MEX code generation.
  • Instrument Control Toolbox – Use the Instrument Explorer app to manage devices with IVI and VXIplug&play drivers without writing code.
  • Satellite Communications Toolbox – Model multiplatform scenarios and perform visibility and communications link analyses on them.
  • UAV Toolbox – Design and deploy flight controller for a vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) UAV with PX4 hardware-in-the-loop simulation; interface with PX4 Cube Orange Plus and Pixhawk 6c autopilots.


  • Simulink 3D Animation – Simulate and visualize dynamic systems in Unreal Engine 5.1 with new prebuilt scenes, actors, and sensors.
  • SoC Blockset – Prototype and test on SDR and vision hardware with SoC Blockset Support Package for Xilinx Devices.

MATLAB and Simulink Updates


Editor Spell Checker

Check spelling in text and comments in MATLAB code files

Simulink Editor

Simulink Editor

Preserve signal line shapes when moving and resizing bloks.


  • Local Functions – Define functions anywhere in scripts and live scripts.
  • Python Interface – Convert between MATLAB tables and Python Pandas DataFrames.
  • Python Interface – Interactively run Python code with Run Python Live Editor task.
  • REST Function Service – Call MATLAB functions from any local or remote client program using REST.
  • Secrets in MATLAB Vault – Remove sensitive information from code.
  • ode Object – Solve ODEs and perform sensitivity analysis using SUNDIALS solvers.


  • Simulink Solver – Use local solvers for components with faster dynamics.
  • Simulation Object – Control the execution and tune parameter values of scripted simulations.
  • MATLAB Apps – Create a custom app that interfaces with a Simulink model using MATLAB App Designer.



Support Packages 


  • 6G Exploration Library for 5G Toolbox
  • Audio Toolbox Interface for SpeechBrain Library
  • Computer Vision Toolbox Model for Pose Mask R-CNN 6-DOF Object Pose Estimation
  • Databricks ODBC Driver
  • Embedded Coder Support Package for Infineon AURIX TC3x Processors
  • Lidar Toolbox Model for RandLA-Net Semantic Segmentation
  • Lidar Toolbox Support Package for Hokuyo Lidar Sensors
  • MariaDB ODBC Driver
  • PostgreSQL ODBC Driver

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