R2022b at a Glance

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New Products

Medical Imaging Toolbox

Visualize, register, segment, and label 2D and 3D medical images

Simscape Battery

Design and simulate battery and energy storage systems

Major Updates

  • AUTOSAR Blockset – Develop adaptive applications using ara::com methods and deploy on embedded Linux; author datatypes and interfaces in architecture models
  • Fuzzy Logic Toolbox – Design, analyze, and simulate fuzzy inference systems (FIS) interactively, including type-2 systems, using the updated Fuzzy Logic Designer app
  • HDL Coder – Generate SystemC code from MATLAB and use the frame-to-sample conversion for model and code optimization
  • HDL Verifier – Perform cosimulation with Xilinx Vivado Simulator and use a command-line interface for testbench automation
  • Model Predictive Control Toolbox – Use neural networks as prediction models; design controllers that meet ISO 26262 and MISRA C standards
  • System Identification Toolbox – Use machine learning and deep learning techniques for nonlinear system identification, including nonlinear space models using neural ODEs

Release Highlights

MATLAB code to create a dictionary object and access a value within the object using a key.


dictionary Object

Map unique keys to values for fast lookup

Dock the Simulink Library Browser for faster model authoring.


Library Browser

Dock the Library Browser within a model

Import PyTorch models directly; and export models to TensorFlow


Model Import/Export

Import PyTorch models directly; and export models to TensorFlow


  • .NET Engine API: Call MATLAB from .NET applications
  • Build Tool: Create and run software-build tasks
  • App Performance: Faster launching and more responsive graphics interaction

Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox

  • Live Editor Tasks: Reduce Dimensionality by reduction criteria
  • Simulink: Block for prediction with KNN classifier


  • Simulink Support Package: Manage design variations with the Variant Manager for Simulink support package
  • Service Oriented Architecture: Architect, schedule, simulate, and implement asynchronous client-server interfaces

Computer Vision Toolbox

Automate tasks using anomaly detection and classification techniques


TensorFlow Lite: Generate C++ code for pretrained models and deploy them on Windows and Linux platforms

Curve Fitting Toolbox

Simulink: Export Curve Fitter results to a Simulink Lookup Table Block

Instrument Control Toolbox

NI Vector Signal Transceiver: Configure generator and acquire IQ data for over-the-air wireless testing and design validation workflows

Signal Processing Toolbox

Preprocessing: Filter and edit signals interactively in the Signal Analyzer app

Embedded Coder

  • Embedded Coder Support Package for Linux Applications: Deploy and prototype Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) applications on Linux
  • Coder Dictionary: Deploy models as components that include comprehensive service interface support

IEC Certification Kit

ISO 26262: Qualification of MATLAB, Simulink, and Stateflow as ISO 26262 TCL1 tools