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Release Highlights

New Products

Major Updates

  • MATLAB Graphics - Use the new bubble and swarm charts, and customize charts with new options for titles, labels, and axis limits.

  • MATLAB App Building - Diff and merge App Designer apps, and add custom figure icons and custom components to your MATLAB apps.

  • GPU Coder - Simulate and deploy Simulink models to NVIDIA® GPUs

  • Mapping Toolbox - Build 3D map displays with base maps and convert geographic data between coordinate reference systems

  • Model Predictive Control Toolbox - Simulate and generate code for MPC controllers with FORCES PRO solvers developed by Embotech

  • Optimization Toolbox - Solve optimization problems using a Live Editor task. Apply automatic differentiation to nonlinear expressions

  • RF Blockset - Model transceiver antennas, including frequency-dependent impedance and far-field radiation pattern

  • RF Toolbox - Design RF transceivers using nonlinear harmonic balance analysis in the RF Budget Analyzer app

  • Sensor Fusion and Tracking Toolbox - Design, simulate, and test multisensor tracking and positioning systems in autonomous and surveillance applications

  • SerDes Toolbox - Model jitter and cross-talk in time-domain simulation and statistical analysis of SerDes systems

  • SimBiology - Build models interactively in a single consolidated view using SimBiology Model Builder

  • Simscape - Model and simulate multidomain physical systems

  • Simulink Check - Assess completeness of requirements-based testing activities for ISO 26262 or DO-178C with testing dashboard

  • Simulink Online - Use Simulink through your web browser

  • Simulink Real-Time - Discover new 64-bit RTOS, explorer, graphical instrumentation, and signal logging

  • Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox - Use AutoML for classification and regression, LIME interpretability, and native Simulink blocks for SVM prediction

Release Details by Product

MATLAB Product Family


  • Visualize data with new bubble and swarm charts and customize charts with new options for titles, labels, and axis limits.

  • Diff and merge App Designer apps using the MATLAB Comparison Tool and add custom figure icons and custom components to your MATLAB apps.

  • Optimize Live Editor Task: Interactively create and solve optimization problems

  • read struct and write struct Functions: Read and write structured data in XML files

  • Function Argument Validation: Use additional validators including mustBeA, mustBeText, and mustBeVector

  • Python: Start and stop a Python interpreter from a MATLAB session

Financial Toolbox

  • Backtesting Workflow: Define investment strategies, run backtests, and summarize results

MATLAB Compiler

  • Docker support: Use compiler.package.docker to package a standalone application and selective MATLAB Runtime as docker images (Linux OS only)

Optimization Toolbox

  • Optimize Live Editor Task: Interactively create and solve optimization problems

  • Automatic Differentiation: Solve problems faster and more accurately using automatically computed gradients of objective and constraint functions

Database Toolbox

  • Native Interfaces: Support added for MySQL® and PostgreSQL® databases

Model Predictive Control Toolbox

  • Integration with FORCES PRO: Simulate and generate code for MPC controllers with FORCES PRO solvers developed by Embotech AG

Partial Differential Equation Toolbox

  • 3-D Geometry Creation: Extrude a 2-D geometry into a 3-D geometry

Control System Toolbox

  • Sparse State-Space Models: Create, combine, and analyze large-scale linear models


  • Interactively build models in a single consolidated view using SimBiology Model Builder; and explore the effects of variations in model quantities on model response by computing Sobol indices and by performing multiparametric global sensitivity analysis



  • Probe Block: Output block variables as signals during simulation

  • Numerical Solver Enhancement: Support wider range of high-differential-index problems for more robust simulation

Simscape Fluids

  • Isothermal Liquid Library: Model fluid systems using mass-based equations at constant temperature

Autonomous Systems

Navigation Toolbox

  • Code Generation: Generate C/C++ code for localization and path planning including Monte Carlo Localization, Trajectory Optimization and Sampling-based planners

  • IMU and AHRS Simulink Blocks: Model inertial measurement unit using IMU Simulink block and estimate device orientation using AHRS Simulink block

Sensor Fusion and Tracking Toolbox

  • Scenario Design: Interactively design tracking scenarios with an App

RF and Mixed-Signal

Antenna Toolbox

  • Gerber File Import: Describe arbitrary geometry of PCB antennas for design and analysis using pcbStack

RF Blockset

  • Antenna Block: Model antennas with frequency dependent impedance and radiation patterns

RF Toolbox

  • Harmonic Balance Analysis: Compute output power, IP2, NF, and SNR in RF Budget Analyzer app using non-linear analysis

Mixed-Signal Blockset

  • Netlist import: Linear Circuit Wizard Block to create or modify linear circuits from a spice netlist

Simulink Product Family


  • Simulink Online: Use Simulink through your web browser

  • Automate Continuous Integration workflows with Automerge functionality.

  • Model Reference Performance – Generate code up to 2X faster for referenced model hierarchies (requires Simulink Coder)

  • Half-precision data type support: Design, simulate, and generate C and HDL code for half-precision algorithms (requires Fixed-Point Designer, HDL Coder, Simulink Coder)


  • Activity Profiler: Visually represent how often states, transitions, and functions in your chart are accessed during simulation

System Composer

  • Model to Model Allocations: Establish directed relationships between elements of two architectural models representing different aspects of the system

AI, Data Science, and Statistics

Deep Learning Toolbox

  • Image Classification and Network Prediction Blocks: Simulate and generate code for deep learning models in Simulink

  • Experiment Manager App: Train multiple deep learning networks in parallel and tune hyperparameters using Bayesian optimization

  • Deep Network Designer App: Train networks for image classification, semantic segmentation, multiple-input, out-of-memory, image-to-image regression, and other workflows

Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox

  • AutoML: Automatically select the best model and associated hyperparameters for regression (fitrauto)

  • Interpretability: Obtain locally interpretable model-agnostic explanations (LIME)

  • SVM Prediction Blocks: Simulate and generate code for SVM models in Simulink

Text Analytics Toolbox

  • Keyword Extraction: Extract keywords that best describe a document using RAKE and TextRank algorithms



  • Impulsive Events: Reinitialize state variables to model physical phenomena as instantaneous events

  • Stiffness Impact Analysis Tool: Analyze effect of particular block variables on overall system stiffness of a Simscape network

Autonomous Systems

Lidar Toolbox

  • A new toolbox for designing, analyzing, and testing lidar processing systems

Sensor Fusion and Tracking Toolbox

  • RFS Tracker: Track objects using the grid-based random finite set (RFS) tracker

  • Trajectory Generation: Create trajectories using earth-centered waypoints

UAV Toolbox

  • A new toolbox for designing, simulating, and deploying UAV applications

Signal Processing

Audio Toolbox

  • Deep learning: YAMNet sound classification and VGGish feature extraction

SerDes Toolbox

  • IBIS-AMI Jitter Analysis: Add IBIS-AMI jitter from SerDes Designer app

Signal Processing Toolbox

  • GPU Acceleration: Accelerate spectral analysis and time-frequency analysis functions

Wavelet Toolbox

  • Empirical Wavelet Transform: Perform adaptive signal decomposition using fully automated spectrum segmentation

Mapping Toolbox

  • Coordinate Reference Systems (CRS): Import, create and manage CRS for projected and unprojected map displays and analyses

Wireless Communications

Communications Toolbox

  • Bluetooth support package: Bluetooth direction finding and adaptive frequency hopping

Wireless HDL Toolbox

  • HDL ready reference applications: 5G NR MIB Recovery, OFDM Transmitter, and OFDM Receiver

WLAN Toolbox

  • Generate waveforms for IEEE 802.11ax™/D4.1 (Wifi6) and IEEE 802.11az NDP (localization)

Roadrunner Product Family


  • A new product for designing 3D scenes for automated driving simulation

RoadRunner Asset Library

  • A new product for populating RoadRunner scenes with a library of 3D models

RoadRunner Scene Builder

  • A new product for automatically generating 3D road models from HD maps


AUTOSAR Blockset

  • AUTOSAR Classic Release 4.4: Use schema version 4.4 for import and export of ARXML files and generation of AUTOSAR-compliant C code

  • Linux Executables for Adaptive Models: Create an AUTOSAR adaptive executable to run as a standalone application

Vehicle Dynamics Blockset

  • Vehicles and Trailers: Implement 6DOF trailers and vehicles with three axles

  • Simulation 3D Blocks: Visualize tractors and trailers in the Unreal Engine 3D environment axles

Code Generation

Embedded Coder

  • Individual Code Mappings: Configure storage classes for individual data elements in Code Mappings editor

  • MISRA compliance: Generate C and C++ code with fewer MISRA C:2012 and MISRA C++ 2008 violations

  • SIMD Code Generation: Generate SIMD intrinsics for fast loop and array execution on Intel SSE, AVX 256/512, and Arm NEON processors

  • Multithreaded Image Processing Code: Increased execution speed for generated code from common image processing functions

GPU Coder

  • Simulink Support: Generate, build, and deploy Simulink models to NVIDIA GPUs

  • Deep Learning Simulink Support: Generate, build, and deploy deep learning networks in Simulink models to NVIDIA GPUs


  • Deep Learning: Generate code for custom layers for Intel and ARM CPUs.

  • Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM) Networks: Generate code for LSTM, stateful LSTM, and bidirectional LSTM for Intel CPUs

Deep Learning HDL Toolbox

  • A new product for prototyping and deploying deep learning networks on FPGAs and SoCs

Verification and Validation

Simulink Model Test and Verification Products

  • Model Testing Dashboard: Track completeness of requirements-based testing for compliance to standards such as ISO 26262 with Simulink Check

  • Traceability Matrix: Manage multiple links and track requirements changes in single view with Simulink Requirements

  • Parallel test execution on a remote cluster: Scale test execution by running tests in parallel on a cluster or in the cloud with Simulink Test (requires MATLAB Parallel Server)

  • Cross-release coverage data forward compatibility: Access coverage results collected in older releases (R2017b and later) in Simulink Coverage

  • Detect errors for system objects: Detect errors, generate tests, or prove properties for MATLAB code using system objects with Simulink Design Verifier

Polyspace Code Verification Products

  • AUTOSAR Support: Simplified setup of Polyspace project from AUTOSAR configuration

  • C++ Support: Added support for C++17 and 61 new checks for AUTOSAR C++14

  • Code Quality Progress Update: Compare results from latest run with previous runs

  • Jira Support: Integrate with Jira Software Cloud

Real-Time Simulation and Testing

Simulink Real-Time

  • 64-bit POSIX compliant real-time operating system (RTOS): Robust multi-process RTOS designed to meet constrained real-time application resource requirements

  • New Simulink Real-Time Explorer and graphical instrument panels and applications: Control and configure a real-time application with an updated Simulink Real-Time Explorer, use App Designer to create graphical instrument panels and custom applications

Image Processing and Computer Vision

Image Processing Toolbox

  • Volume Segmenter App: Segment 3-D grayscale or RGB volumetric images

Computer Vision Toolbox

  • Visual SLAM: Manage 3-D world points and projection correspondences to 2-D image points

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