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Signal Processing for Machine Learning with MATLAB

17th June 2019 | 10:00am to 11:00am

Signal Processing is the science that deals with extraction of information from signals of various kinds. Engineers and scientists need to process, analyse, and extract information from time-domain data as part of their day-to-day responsibilities. Traditionally, signal characterization has been performed with mathematically-driven transforms, while categorization and classification are achieved using statistical tools.


Meanwhile, machine learning aims to design algorithms that learn about the state of the world directly from data. Hence, an increasing popular trend has been to develop and apply machine learning techniques to both aspects of signal processing, often blurring the distinction between the two. This webinar will introduce you to fundamental signal processing concepts and tools needed to apply machine learning to discrete signals.


You will learn about commonly used techniques for capturing, processing, manipulating, learning and classifying signals.


  • Signal Pre- processing techniques

  • Signal manipulation and visualization

  • Design and application of digital filters

  • Automatic feature extraction techniques for classifying signals 

  • Apply machine learning for signal classification

Speaker Profile

Dr. David Chong Jin Hui is Principal Application Engineer at TechSource Systems.
He specializes in Communication, Signal Processing and Application Deployment with MATLAB. Prior to joining TechSource Systems, he worked at MIMOS as staff research & developer, at Tunku Abdul Rahman University College as Senior Lecturer & at Intel as Senior Component Engineer.
Dr. David Chong holds BEng of Computer & Communication System Engineering and PhD in wireless communication from University Putra Malaysia.