Wireless Communications, SDR

YunSDR Y590

HD Audio & Video transmission using 802.11a OFDM PHY IP Core

802.11a/n transceiver design, LTE TX, LTE RX, Massive MIMO (require YunGCD)

Y590 is a high performance SDR development platform powered by ADRV9009 and Xilinx ZYNQ XC7Z100. With the largest capacity Xilinx ZYNQ device, Y590 can handle complex algorithms’ compute requirements in a small form factor of 0.5U, this make Y590 a great candidate for Massive MIMO deployment, phase array radar, multi-mode base station and handheld spectrum analysis equipment.
Y590 allow developer to develop custom SDR algorithm in various programming environment include MATLAB/Simulink, Visual Studio & GNU Radio. Algorithm tested in these tools can be translated into FPGA IP using MATLAB HDL coder or Xilinx High Level Synthesis (HLS) Tools.

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