Wireless Communications, SDR

YunSDR Y300

YunSDR Y300.png

Y300 is specially crafted version of Y320 for engineering education purpose. The SDR platform comes with MATLAB based labs support materials for undergraduates and master’s degree engineering labs. Y300 education kits provide hands on experience for university students who are studying [Signal & Systems] & [Digital Communications]

MATLAB Basic Labs include:

  • Single tone signal generation and transmission

  • ASK - Amplitude Shift Keying modulation

  • MASK – Multiple Amplitude Shift Keying modulation

  • FSK – Frequency Shift Keying

  • PSK – Phase Shift Keying

  • QAM

  • Single-Carrier Frequency Domain Equalization


MATLAB Advance Labs include:

  • OFDM baseband transmitter /receiver

  • OFDM baseband receiver carrier frequency synchronizer

  • OFDM baseband receiver channel estimation

  • MIMO OFDM baseband transmitter / receiver

YunSDR Y300 - Spec.png
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