Speedgoat Hardware Support for Real-Time Simulation and Testing from Simulink Real-Time

Use Speedgoat target hardware with Simulink Real-Time for your real-time simulation and testing environment.


Products & Services

Speedgoat real-time target machines and Simulink Real-Time are expressly designed to work together to create real-time systems for desktop, lab, and field environments.

A real-time target system typically consists of:

And is:

Real-Time Target Machines

Highest performance multi-core and multi CPU target machines and software support for concurrent execution of real-time application on multiple cores.

Simulink Programmable FPGAs

Latest generation FPGAs with I/O. Closed-loop rates of multiple MHz. HDL Coder support. Multiple FPGAs connect for hundreds of analog and digital I/O lines.


Broad range of I/O Connectivity

We offer I/O and communications protocols interfaces for almost every application, with Simulink driver blocks included in delivery (drag and drop) 


Training Services

Hardware warranty, software maintenance, training and project-based engineering services are available to protect your investments.


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