MATLAB® code is production ready and can be securely deployed and integrated with enterprise IT systems, data sources, and operational technologies. IT can partner with engineering teams to: 

  • Run reliable, secure, and scalable production applications on Windows® and Linux®, either on-premise or on public clouds like AWS® and Microsoft® Azure®. 
  • Use industry-standard security mechanisms to authenticate, grant access to, and encrypt your data.  
  • Integrate directly to existing systems and data, including modern analytics systems like Tableau®, TIBCO® Spotfire®, and Power BI. 
  • Align with existing DevOps workflows and tools, and enable engineers to self-deploy their models, algorithms, and applications to production systems without having to recode. 
  • Leverage prebuilt, industry-specific MATLAB and Simulink toolboxes, so users can get started fast. 

Learn why engineers and scientists choose MATLAB.

“By creating standalone operational programs using MATLAB Compiler and running them automatically, we can provide up-to-date forecasts and projections to Horizon analysts on a daily basis…. Our IT department set us up on the enterprise server, and we simply update the programs without any further help from them.”

Manuel Arancibia and Cedric Kouam, Horizon Wind Energy


Deploying MATLAB with Production IT Systems Using MATLAB Production Server

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Stable, Scalable Deployment

MATLAB applications, algorithms, and models can run on Windows, Linux, and macOS either on-premise or on the public cloud. Leverage reference architectures for AWS and Azure to get up and running quickly. Use MATLAB Production Server™ to implement large-scale, high-availability systems. Scale up to many computers with MATLAB Parallel Server™.

TechSource Systems Pte Ltd
TechSource Systems Pte Ltd


MATLAB products use industry-standard security mechanisms for deploying MATLAB algorithms. MATLAB Production Server provides x.509 certificate-based and token-based authentication, optional SSL/TLS-based transmission encryption, and encryption of your MATLAB code. 

Application and Data Integration

Integrate MATLAB algorithms or models with custom applications by generating language-specific libraries, or by publishing programs as service endpoints using MATLAB Production Server. Supported languages include C/C++, Java, .NET, Python, as well as RESTful interfaces.

MATLAB provides mechanisms for connecting to a broad array of commonly used IT systems, allowing your engineering teams to easily connect to modern databases, big data systems, edge nodes, operational technologies, and streaming data sources using prebuilt connectors. Import data so users can explore it, develop models, and perform operational processing directly in MATLAB. Once data is processed, users can connect with popular dashboard platforms such as Tableau, TIBCO Spotfire, and Power BI to visualize the results.

TechSource Systems Pte Ltd
TechSource Systems Pte Ltd


MATLAB supports modern software development practices by plugging into existing DevOps workflows and tools. MATLAB works with popular source control and continuous integration systems such as Git and Jenkins. (Use of compiler and coder products on automation servers may require client access licensing.)

Deploy MATLAB algorithms and models directly without having to recode them. This means users don’t have to engage a software development team to translate MATLAB programs into a different language such as Java™ or C#.

Monitoring and Management

Monitor the performance and manage the configuration of MATLAB Production Server through a web-based console. By reviewing statistics in real time, users can quickly identify bottlenecks and remedy issues, or add more hardware resources where necessary.

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