MATLAB & Simulink


Modeling Multibody Mechanical Systems with Simscape

Course Highlight

This one-day course focuses on how to model rigid-body mechanical systems in the Simulink® environment using Simscape Multibody™ (formerly SimMechanics™). Topics include:

  • Modeling simple multibody systems

  • Creating custom geometries and compound bodies

  • Creating reusable models of mechanical systems

  • Assembling, guiding, and verifying mechanisms

  • Importing models from CAD software

  • Combining Simulink, Simscape™, and Simscape Multibody blocks

Course objective

The aim of this course is to provide an introduction to Simscape Multibody software for modeling rigid body mechanical system. Themes of modeling simple multibody system and constraints are explored throughout the course.   


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Who Should Attend

This hands-on course is designed for engineers who wish to implement physical modeling using Simscape Multibody Software in the SIMULINK environment. Engineers, researchers, scientists, and managers working with systems level design will be shown an easy-to-use approach in using Simscape Multibody software.

Course Benefits

Upon the completion of the course, the participants will gain an understanding of Simscape Multbody software which is essential and useful for designing and building mechanical systems.


Participants need to attend our prerequisite course 'Comprehensive MATLAB' and 'Comprehensive SIMULINK' or have equivalent knowledge of MATLAB and SIMULINK basics . Please check with us for more details.

Course Outline

Day 1 of 1

Introduction to Multibody Simulation


Objective: Discuss the components that make up mechanical models and how to define them in the Simscape Multibody environment.

  • Terminology

  • Solids

  • Coordinate frames

  • Joints

  • Visualization


Refining Components


Objective: Create custom and complex rigid bodies, and parameterize parts for reusable Simscape Multibody models.

  • Defining geometries

  • Creating compound bodies

  • Specifying body interfaces

  • Parameterizing bodies for reuse


Assembling Mechanisms


Objective: Define and configure kinematics of a multibody machine in Simscape Multibody.

  • Reusing existing components

  • Specifying degrees of freedom

  • Sensing and logging simulation results

  • Adding stiffness and damping to joints

  • Setting initial conditions

  • Guiding and verifying an assembled mechanism


Importing CAD Models


Objective: Import existing parts and mechanisms from CAD platforms into Simscape Multibody.

  • Visualizing bodies with CAD geometries

  • Identifying the different CAD import workflows

  • Exporting from CAD software

  • Importing into Simscape Multibody

  • Features captured by Simscape Multibody Link


Connecting to Simscape and Simulink


Objective: Illustrate the ways that Simscape Multibody blocks can interact with Simscape and Simulink blocks.

  • Adding a combustion model using Simscape

  • Actuating the piston head

  • Sensing constraint forces on joints

  • Adding a control system for throttle

  • Creating a multidomain physical model

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