Campus Wide Seminar in UniKL (MIMET)

"Accelerate Learning and Research"

Image Processing & Data Science with MATLAB

UniKL (MIMET), Lumut, Bilik Seminar, MET  | 06 Feb 2020 | 08.30am to 17.00pm 



You are invited to join Exclusive MATLAB session by TechSource Systems experts, covering 3 main topics, which are MATLAB &

App Designer and Deployment , Image Processing and Data Science with MATLAB. In this session the participants able to obtain knowledge in accessing and learning from the MATLAB portal.

Agenda & Topics

08:30am     -    Registration

09:05am     -    Introductions and Overview of Seminar

09:05am     -    Overview of latest MATLAB version

09:30am     -    Overview of MATLAB Apps Designer (GUI)

11:00am     -    Overview of MATLAB Deployment

11:30am     -    Case Study (Users stories) Using MATLAB

12:00pm    -    Overview of Image Processing

13:00pm    -    Break

14:00pm    -    Overview of Machine Learning

15:30pm    -    Overview of Deep Learning

16:45pm    -    Q&A

17:00pm    -    Wrap-up


App Designer & Deployment with MATLAB and Image Processing & Data Science with MATLAB

During this seminar, a Techsource engineer will introduce you Apps Designer & Deployment in MATLAB with a focus on developing your custom application using App Designer together with deployment methods offer by MATLAB Compiler and MATLAB Compiler SDK. 

MATLAB includes built-in mathematical functions fundamental to solving engineering and scientific problems, and an interactive environment ideal for iterative exploration, design, and problem-solving. An image processing example is used to show you how to get started using MATLAB.

For Data Science & Image Processing with MATLAB seminar, Techsource engineer will briefly introduce the fundamentals of Data Science using MATLAB and using an example to address a typical Data Science problem including data access, pre-processing, Machine Learning and Deep Learning model development, and finally deployment of the model to a web application by using Statistic & Machine Learning Toolbox and Deep Learning Toolbox. 

By working through common scenarios and workflows using demos, you will gain an understanding of the App Designer & Deployment with MATLAB and Data Science & Image Processing with MATLAB, their capabilities, and some of the common hurdles that you’ll encounter when using them. 

Speaker Profile

Ms. Siti Safwana

Application Engineer, TechSource Systems

Siti Safwana is an Application Engineer at TechSource Systems. She involved with stereo vision depth map development for 2 years as her Meng project research. Before joining TechSource Systems in 2018, she worked at Techloyce in Selangor as an CRM and ERP Consultant in IT field. Since 2018, she has supported MATLAB users in the areas of image processing, computer vision, data science, machine learning, deep learning, and application deployment.


Siti Safwana holds a MEng in Electronic and Computer from Engineering Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka. She specializes in in the field of data analytics, deep learning, machine learning, image processing and computer vision.