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Deep Learning

Use automatic differentiation, shared weights, and custom training loops to build advanced deep learning architectures, like GANs and Siamese networks.


ROS Toolbox: Design, simulate, and deploy ROS-based applications

Navigation Toolbox: Design, simulate, and deploy algorithms for planning and navigation

Robotics System Toolbox: Design, simulate, and test robotics applications

Stateflow Onramp

Learn the basics of how to create, edit, and simulate Stateflow models through an interactive tutorial.

MATLAB Live Editor

Interactively explore parameters and preprocess data. Generate MATLAB code that becomes part of your live script.


Author AUTOSAR compositions and simulate with basic software services; test automated driving algorithms in 3D simulation; and leverage the deep learning engine model and P0-P4 HEV models for control algorithm testing and system simulation.


Access and discover Simulink capabilities with the new Simulink toolstrip.

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