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Autograded student solutions with custom scoring rubrics

  • Options for both pass/fail and weighted grading

  • See details about concepts where students are struggling

  • Students receive real-time, contextual feedback on their solutions

Individual and aggregate student performance analytics

  • Solution maps show size, time of arrival, and distance from the reference solution

  • Includes a complete history of students’ attempts to find the correct solution

  • Student outcomes are available to both instructors and authorized teaching assistants


A library of reusable example courses and assignments

  • Templates of common assessment types for both script and function-based problems

  • Examples include advanced assessment scenarios such as randomized input parameters and creating custom assessments

  • Ability to add examples to your existing course with a single click, and modify them to match your topic

  • A browser-based authoring environment – nothing to install or maintain

  • Creation and sharing of MATLAB-based assignments

  • Rich text, images, hyperlinks, and LaTeX equations in problem descriptions

  • A responsive layout for use beyond desktops for all users

  • Optional LMS integration to bring autograding into any learning environment (requires a separate paid MATLAB Grader license)

  • MATLAB Grader is IMS LTI 1.1 Certified


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MATLAB Grader enhances student learning at Virginia Tech

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“The fact that you can get immediate feedback (or confirmation) on a quite complicated piece of code is really neat, and without it, debugging your own code would really be a mess. It also motivated me to get 100% score on all the MATLAB assignments.”


-Juoost P., Virginia Tech Student

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