Work with your MATLAB files from anywhere, and share them with others.

Manage Files in the Cloud Across Devices

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Manage Your Files in the Cloud Across Devices

MATLAB Drive provides a common cloud-based storage location for your MATLAB files. Store up to 5 GB of files when your MATLAB license is current on Software Maintenance Service, or get 250 MB of free storage with just a MathWorks Account.


MATLAB Drive works in the cloud with:


Use MATLAB Drive from Your Desktop

Enable MATLAB Drive on your desktop by installing MATLAB Drive Connector, which:

  • Integrates MATLAB Drive with your MATLAB environment

  • Provides simple access to your files through the MATLAB Drive folder

  • Enables offline access, syncing changes after connectivity is restored

Install MATLAB Drive Connector:


Share and Collaborate with Others

  • Share your work with others by inviting them to join a folder. Collaborate with them by extending permission to edit your files, or just keep others up-to-date by providing view-only access. All they need is a MathWorks Account to participate. Learn more.

System Requirements

MATLAB Drive Connector

  • MATLAB Drive Connector supports the same operating systems as the latest version of MATLAB. It requires only a small amount of RAM and disk space.

  • MATLAB Drive Connector does not require MATLAB. However, it integrates with MATLAB R2017a and onwards if installed.

MATLAB Online Resources

MATLAB Documentation

MATLAB Drive Online

Supported browsers:

  • Google Chrome - Current version

  • Internet Explorer - Current version

  • Microsoft Edge - Current version

  • Mozilla Firefox - Current version

  • Safari - Current version

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