MATLAB & Simulink


IoTs and ThingSpeak with MATLAB and SIMULINK

Course Highlights

Internet of Things (IoT) is an emerging trend where large number of embedded devices (things) are connected to the internet. This two-day training provides and overview of workflow on the topic of IoT with MATLAB and SIMULINK using ThingSpeak. It also covers the use Raspberry Pi to send data to ThingSpeak. 

Topics include​

  • Building algorithm using MATLAB and SIMULINK

  • Working with Raspberry Pi hardware from data acquisition to verification

  • Setting up the ThingSpeak

  • Sending data to ThingSpeak

  • Fetching data from ThingSpeak for analysis

Course Objectives

The aim of the course is to provide knowledge to participants on the IoT working workflow with MATLAB and Simulink



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Who Must Attend 

Students, educators, engineers, researchers, managers who want to work with IoT using MATLAB and SIMULINK. 


No prior knowledge of MATLAB and SIMULINK is required. Familiarity with undergraduate level mathematics and experience with basic computer operations is recommended

Course Outline

Day 1 of 2

Exploring the MATLAB Environment

Objective: Become familiar with the main features of the MATLAB integrated design environment and its user interfaces.

  • Desktop environment

  • Preforming calculations with MATLAB

  • Variables and assignment


Scripting with MATLAB Commands

Objective: Utilize MATLAB scripts, call functions, and access documentation to perform complex calculations.

  • Using the Command History

  • Saving commands to a script

  • MATLAB editing environment

  • Calling functions

  • Using documentation

  • Saving and loading MAT-files


Working with Data in MATLAB

Objective: Create, manipulate, and visualize data stored in vectors and matrices.

  • Working with vectors

  • Visualizing vectors

  • Accessing and modifying values in vectors

  • Concatenating vectors

  • Working with matrices

  • Importing and exporting from external formats


Creating and Simulating a Model

Objective: Create a simple Simulink model, simulate it, and analyze the results.

  • Introduction to the Simulink interface

  • Potentiometer system

  • System inputs and outputs

  • Simulation and analysis


Modeling Programming Constructs

Objective: Model and simulate basic programming constructs in Simulink.

  • Comparisons and decision statements

  • Vector signals

  • PWM conversion system

  • Zero crossings

  • MATLAB Function block

Day 2 of 2

Hardware Target Support Package for MATLAB and SIMULINK

Objective: Introduce the variety of Hardware Target Support Package for MATLAB and SIMULINK, especially hardware that support ThingSpeak. Elaborate on system modeling and verification on the hardware through external mode simulation and running on target mode.

  • Installation of Raspberry Pi Support Package for MATLAB and SIMULINK

  • Setup the Raspberry Pi Hardware

  • Modeling and verification options



Objective: Introduce the ThingSpeak as the platform for IoT that works with MATLAB and SIMULINK.

  • Introduction to ThingSpeak

  • Setup ThingSpeak account

  • Collect data in a New Channel

  • Analyze and visualize data using MATLAB


​Linking Raspberry Pi to ThingSpeak

Objective: Learn how to implement the algorithm on Raspberry Pi, send data to ThingSpeak from Raspberry Pi, fetch data from ThingSpeak to MATLAB for further analysis.

  • Simulate the algorithm on SIMULINK

  • Implement the algorithm to Arduino or Raspberry Pi

  • Send data to ThingSpeak from Arduino or Raspberry Pi

  • Fetch data from ThingSpeak to MATLAB