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Integrating Code with Simulink

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This one-day course presents multiple methods for integrating code into Simulink® models. The focus is on integrating C and MATLAB® code. Topics discussed include C MEX S-functions, MATLAB code, and the Legacy Code Tool for wrapping external C functions into Simulink. This course is intended for intermediate to advanced Simulink users.

Course Objectives

The aim of the course is to provide knowledge on writing M-file and C MEX S-functions, wrapping external C functions code using Legacy Code Tool and using Embedded Matlab.

Who Must Attend 

Engineers, scientist and researchers who wish to integrate applications written in C into Simulink model.

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Upon the completion of this course, the participants will be able to design integrated Simulink model with C and Embedded Matlab.


”Comprehensive SIMULINK” and “Comprehensive MATLAB“ or equivalent experience using MATLAB and SIMULINK, and knowledge of C programming.

Course Outline

Day 1 of 1

Code Integration Methods


Objective: Become familiar with the various code integration methods and discuss how a Simulink model interacts with user-defined blocks.

  • Overview of all methods of code integration

  • Introduction to S-functions


Transitioning from MATLAB to Simulink


Objective: Integrate MATLAB code into Simulink models.

  • Writing a MATLAB function in a MATLAB Function block

  • Converting a MATLAB function to a MATLAB Function block

  • MATLAB Function block coding standards


Calling External Routines


Objective: Integrate C code into a Simulink model using automated tools.

  • Calling an external C routine with the Legacy Code Tool

  • Calling an external C routine in a MATLAB Function block


Writing Wrapper S-Functions


Objective: Integrate C code into a Simulink model by manually writing C MEX S-functions.

  • Writing a C MEX S-function

  • Calling external code from a C MEX S-function

  • Work vectors

  • Inheriting input and output port dimensions

  • Additional macros


Code Generation Considerations


Objective: Explore the procedures and limitations for automatically generating code with Simulink Coder™.

  • Generating code from a MATLAB Function block

  • Generating code from C MEX S-functions (Legacy Code Tool)


Code Integration Methods Review


Objective: Review code integration methods and discuss the pros and cons of each.

  • Review of all methods of code integration

  • How to choose a code integration method