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Aerospace and Defense

Design and test air, space, naval, and land systems using industry-standard tools


Develop automotive systems that meet industry requirements and standards

Biological Sciences

Model, simulate, and analyze biological systems

Medical Devices

Create algorithms, prototype designs, and produce reports that can be used as evidence of regulatory compliance


Develop, simulate, and test electronics systems and devices

Energy Production

Develop and implement models, analyze big data, and automate processes

Industrial Automation and Machinery

Develop embedded control and signal processing applications for industrial and energy-related equipment


Design analog, digital, and mixed-signal devices


Process and analyze data, drive experiments, and simulate models of brain circuits

Quantitative Finance and Risk Management

Import data, develop algorithms, debug code, scale up processing power, and more

Biotech and Pharmaceutical

Perform data analysis and modeling throughout drug discovery, development, trials, and manufacturing


Design and simulate communications systems