Implement Maximum Power Point Tracking Algorithms Using MATLAB and Simulink

Priyanka Gotika, MathWorks

MPPT algorithms are used to control the duty cycle or the operating voltage of a photovoltaic system to ensure maximum power at all times.

This video elaborates on three of the most common MPPT algorithms:

  • Perturb and Observe (P&O): This is the most widely used algorithm in the industry. It involves perturbation of the operating voltage or the duty cycle based on a comparison of the generated power. This ensures maximum power point. This algorithm can be implemented in Simulink® using several methods. This example uses a MATLAB® function block and a standard block from the Simulink library that lets you implement the algorithm using the MATLAB language.

  • Incremental Conductance: This algorithm is slightly more complex and robust. The central idea is that the incremental conductance is compared to the instantaneous conductance, and the duty cycle is adjusted accordingly. This example uses a Stateflow® chart within Simulink to implement the logic. Using Stateflow, you can implement state machines and logic charts. 

  • Fraction Open Circuit Voltage: This algorithm is different from the first two and is based on the principle that the maximum power point voltage is always a constant fraction of the open circuit voltage.

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