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Massive MIMO and Beamforming


Introduction to Hybrid Beamforming

This example introduces the basic concept of hybrid beamforming and shows how to simulate such a system.

Channel and Propagation Modeling


SINR Map for a 5G Urban Macro-Cell Test Environment

Construct a 5G urban macro-cell test environment and visualize the signal-to-interference-plus-noise ratio (SINR) on a map. The test environment is based on the guidelines defined in Report ITU-R M.[IMT-2020.EVAL] for evaluating 5G radio technologies.

RF Transceivers


RF Budget Analysis with RF Toolbox

Build a cascade of RF components with RF Toolbox and analyze the link budget in terms of noise figure, gain, and IP3.

Antenna Modeling and Design


Antenna Far-Field Visualization

Design, analyze, and visualize antenna elements and antenna arrays using Antenna Toolbox.

5G and LTE Mobile Communications Standards


Narrowband-IoT (NB-IoT) Downlink Waveform Generation

This example shows how to generate LTE-Advanced Pro Release 13 Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) waveforms for test and measurement applications

WLAN and Connectivity Standards


802.11ax OFDMA and Multi-User MIMO Throughput Simulation

This example shows the transmit and receive processing for an IEEE® 802.11ax™ multi-user downlink transmission over a TGax indoor fading channel.

Software-Defined Radio


TE Transmitter Using Zynq-Based Software-Defined Radio (SDR)

This example shows how to use the Xilinx® Zynq-based radio support package with MATLAB and LTE Toolbox to generate an LTE transmission.

Real-Time Multi-User Transmit Beamforming with USRP® Software-Defined Radio (1:53) - Video

WLAN Transmission and Reception of an Image with PlutoSDR® Software-Defined Radio - Example

Two Antenna SIB1 Transmission using USRP® Software-Defined Radio - Example

Software-Defined Radio Resources - Overview

Software-Defined Radio for Engineers - Book

Introductory Communication Systems Course using SDR - File Exchange

Wireless Transceiver Hardware Implementation with SDR - Application Note

Waveform Generation Using MATLAB and SDR (3:45) - Video

RF Signal Capture Using MATLAB and SDR (2:44) - Video


Note: These examples require LTE Toolbox and WLAN Toolbox in addition to the products included in the wireless trial.

Hardware Design and Verification


5G NR HDL Cell Search Reference Application

Overview of FPGA-proven subsystem IP for detecting and demodulating 5G New Radio (NR) signal synchronization blocks.

Deep Learning for Communications


Have Questions About Using MATLAB and Simulink for Wireless Communication


Development of 5G Technology with MATLAB