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Registration starts at 9.30am

Morning Session: Cloud

  1. Fundamental of FPGA based HW Accelerations

FPGA-based acceleration has emerged has the hottest trend in high-performance computing. In domains as varied as machine learning, video processing, fintech, genomics or database acceleration, developers are turning to FPGA to accelerate compute-intensive and performance critical workloads.

But what exactly is FPGA-based acceleration?


  2. Using SDAccel for Host and Accelerator Code Optimizations

This session provides a quick overview of host code optimizations, kernel code optimizations for x86 SW application using SDAccel

  3. Accelerating AI using Xilinx ML Suite: an introduction

A brief introduction of Xilinx ML Suite and XfDNN working concepts and its performance

Lunch Session

Afternoon Session: Edge

  1. Embedded Software Strategy and Development for MPSOC

Launching a new project with Xilinx MPSOC? Drop by this session to learn about the SW strategy and methodology needed to handle heterogeneous SOC systems


  2. Introduction to DNNDK: Edge Device Machine Learning solution from Xilinx

DNN Inference Engine in Embedded System made easy with “DNN Development Kit from Xilinx”, let’s explore together what you can do with DNNDK for your AI Inference deployment.


​Xilinx RFSOC with MATLAB: An Introduction

Learn more about RFSoC architecture and the required skillsets.  Verify RFSoC performance with MATLAB.

Lunch and refreshment will be provided.  Seats are limited, Register Now to avoid disappointment