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UAV Flight Log Analysis with MATLAB

October 11, 2022

Flying a drone, either manually or autonomously, is a complex task. A drone includes several critical parts such as a chassis or platform, motors and sensors. Learn how to use the Flight Log Analyzer app with UAV Toolbox in MATLAB for analyzing UAV autopilot flight logs by creating a customized series of plots.

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Predictive Maintenance Tech Talk Live 2022

September 14, 2022

Embracing Predictive Maintenance Now for a Better Future: We have something for all engineers and scientists at our first-ever Predictive Maintenance Technical Talk Live 2022, which will feature three (3) technical talks with live demonstrations and hands-on workshops. Participate in our Tech Talk Live to learn everything there is to know about Predictive Maintenance and help us all move forward together!

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Realising the Autonomous, Carbon-Zero Mine

August 30, 2022

This series will look at two current trends affecting mining companies: the need to improve energy efficiency in order to reduce carbon emissions, and the growing benefits of autonomous mine operations. You will hear from experts in the field and MathWorks Australia engineers about the innovations and practical frameworks you can use to address these trends in your own operations.

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Accelerating the Pace of Two-Wheeler Electrification through System Modelling Simulation 2022

September 20, 2022

This 2-W EV webinar series will highlight the MBD approach and showcase how System Modelling & Simulation can be used to achieve safety, thermal, and range targets to deliver vehicle electrification on a scale while keeping on the constraints of cost, quality, and time. Starting with the selection & sizing of battery, motor, and power electronics components to designing associated software control algorithms in a rigorous manner for a range of operational scenarios, the series will cover the journey of designing your two-wheeler from prototyping to production.

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Workshop: Automated Driving

August 18, 2022

Discover how to use Model-Based Design with MATLAB® and Simulink® for Automotive/EV/ADAS in this workshop session.

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Workshop: Deep Learning with MATLAB

August 30, 2022

This workshop will give attendees a brief background on MATLAB’s Neural Network capabilities and introduce the ways that MATLAB makes designing, training, and implementing neural networks systems easier.Learn how to do deep learning in 6 lines of code, perform transfer learning using a GUI-based app and accelerate your code using MATLAB.

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AI for Everything

August 24, 2022

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is bringing a drastic change in technological fields, where it can be implemented to automate the system for more efficiency and performance. AI is now getting used in multiple fields from simply your mobile phone to diagnosing the diseases providing a high-performance and accurate system work with efficiency. In this webinar, you will see the workflow of artificial intelligence that can be implement in the industry. The workflow spans from data preparation to the deployment of the algorithm in real life application.

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Deep Learning for Images

August 17, 2022

Explore how to increase productivity using Apps for design and analysis. Deep Neural Networks are becoming a ubiquitous tool for all industries particularly the computer vision applications of Machine Learning. Learn how Deep Learning is used in industries such as biomedicine, industrial automation.

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Electrical System Design Exploration for Electric Vehicles

August 30, 2022

In this webinar, MathWorks will demonstrate a workflow that provides system-level electrical loading information to inform an electrical system design task. The electrical system in this case will be a parallel-connected fuel-cell stack and battery energy storage system. The aim of the electrical design is to develop the most efficient power supply to meet the needs of a given drive cycle. The electrical design is then evaluated in a full-system level model.

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