TechSource Events provides an opportunity for speakers to present their techniques for fostering innovation, improving development processes, or developing new technology using MATLAB® and Simulink®. Share how you used MATLAB and/or Simulink to successfully develop an application on our upcoming events! The events will be either virtual or hybrid. Submit a proposal for a presentation by filling up the form below.

TechSource Events

3 Reasons to speak at TechSource Events:

  • Educate and inspire. Share your knowledge with more than 100 engineers, researchers, and scientists from leading organizations in South East Asia.
  • Make an impact. Propel state-of-the-art advancements in your field by presenting technical achievements.
  • Strengthen your network. Connect with peers to amplify your work and accelerate its progress.

Don’t worry if you’re not completely sure yet of your talk; you can change your mind later – Send us your initial thoughts now so that we can start discussing them with you.