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Designing Robotics Algorithms in MATLAB

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This one-day course is for engineers designing mobile robotics algorithms for Robot Operating System (ROS) enabled simulators and robots. Topics include:


  • Listing the design workflows possible with Robotics System Toolbox™

  • Communicating with ROS and Gazebo

  • Building and testing mobile robotics algorithms

  • Designing algorithms for execution and data sharing


Attended "Comprehensive MATLAB" or having working experience with MATLAB and basic knowledge of Robot Operating System (ROS).

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Day 1 of 1

Connecting to Robot Operating System (ROS)


Objective: Exchange data between MATLAB and ROS environments.

  • Starting and shutting down ROS

  • Subscribing to topics

  • Publishing messages to topics

  • Requesting and providing services


Building Closed-Loop Algorithms


Objective: Design a simple motion planning algorithm in MATLAB using data from ROS.

  • Creating a waypoint following algorithm

  • Testing algorithms in MATLAB

  • Testing algorithms in ROS enabled robots and simulators


Design Considerations


Objective: Explore different methods to control the execution and data transfer of algorithms.

  • Creating event-based algorithms

  • Executing algorithms at a fixed rate

  • Sharing data


Incorporating Built-In Algorithms


Objective: Use mobile robotics algorithms included with Robotics System Toolbox.

  • Building an occupancy grid

  • Creating a probabilistic roadmap

  • Tracking a path with the pure pursuit algorithm