MATLAB & Simulink


Data Processing and Report Generation

Course Highlights

Providing the understanding and important techniques to use MATLAB report generator. Hands-on implementation with the data processing from customized Excel files, the data analysis on the customized data, and customized report generation using MATLAB report generator. 

Course Objectives

The aim of this course is to equip those who need to customize their existing data format to other format that meet their requirements for further analysis and to automatically generates richly formatted reports from their MATLAB programs and applications.

Who Must Attend

This course is intended for engineer, researchers, data scientists, and managers, who are involved in the process of preprocessing of the measurement data to form the customized format of the data and to automatically generates customized formatted report from MATLAB programs.



Upcoming Program

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Attended Comprehensive MATLAB course or equivalent experience using MATLAB

Course Outline

Day 1

  • Introduction to Report Generator

  • Working with Excel Files to convert from one form to another form 

  • Analyze the data using MATLAB 

  • Prepare all the data for report generation 


Day 2

  • Generate custom report using MATLAB report generator 

  • Hands-on Exploration on participants’ real data and actual implementation realization

  • Q&A 

* Participants are required to send in their data at least a month before the course commencement.

Follow Up Review (up to 1 month later)

  • 2 Hours Review Session On Actual Implementation Issues encountered, if any