Customized Training

We train worldwide.

Onsite & Customized Training

All of our courses can be delivered onsite and customized to meet your specific requirements. We understand your unique needs and specialize in tailoring course contents, duration, target boards, databases, etc. to maximize the value of training. We have successfully delivered onsite training to clients in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Brunei and Philippines. 

We offer free consultation to understand your specific requirements and advise you on what we can do  or not do in exact details.  

Please contact us for further details about onsite and customized training.

1: 1 Coaching 

Do you want FULL attention?
Do you want your information to be CONFIDENTIAL?
Do you want to choose your OWN DATES and TIME?

Yes, we hear you!  We understand your unique requirements and we can provide private training and coaching on your project on a 1:1 ratio or small group of 2-3.  At a small surcharge, you can receive our private training and coaching.

Speak to us now and we promise to deliver.

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