VE Commercial Vehicles Establishes Ride Comfort Characteristics of Tractor-Semitrailers

““ “In a tractor-trailer, we get many components from suppliers and sometimes the parameter what we need may or may not occur during our testing. Simulink Design Optimization is a very handy tool when it comes to identify some of these unknown parameters.”.”

Sarnab Debnath, VE Commercial Vehicles Ltd.



With MathWorks support, Siemens generated code for industrial asset targets for Siemens’ SINAMICS drives using Embedded Coder®. Users can now generate code for Simulink models, deploy it to commissioning tools, and get feedback on the performance of the models, which is helpful for parameterization. The latest code-generation techniques using coder descriptors enable greater customization and improve maintainability of the target files.

Using Simulink® and Simulink Design Optimization™, they developed a detailed 7-degrees-of-freedom mathematical model to analyze the characteristics of the vibrations in a virtual environment. They then carried out experiments on a physical vehicle to obtain acceleration time-domain data by mounting accelerometers at different locations on the vehicle. The vehicle is run on A and B class road profiles to account for random vibrations. The same road vibrations are used as an input to the mathematical model to generate simulated data, and a correlation is established between simulated and actual data using time-domain and frequency-domain analysis.


Key Outcomes

  • A versatile, parameterized mathematical model for ride comfort analysis of tractor-semitrailers using virtual testing
  • Close to 90% correlation between experimental and simulated ride-comfort data for both A and B class road profiles
  • Fast and cost-effective solution to optimize ride-comfort elements

Products Used

  • Simulink
  • Simulink Design Optimization


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