Siemens Applies Model-Based Development and Commissioning for Industrial Assets

““With MathWorks support, we have achieved code generation for industrial asset targets for Siemens’ SINAMICS drives. Users are now able to generate model blocks and deploy them directly to commissioning tools.”.”

​-Hardik Shukla, Siemens




Siemens uses Simulink® to model and simulate several processes in a typical industrial plant scenario to evaluate control and process timings and tuning. However, they use engineering and commissioning tools that integrate with the process communication in order to deploy and tune with the plant dynamics. This approach restricts the design tools such as Simulink to perform parameter sweeps and optimization and in general breaks the model-based development philosophy.

With MathWorks support, Siemens generated code for industrial asset targets for Siemens’ SINAMICS drives using Embedded Coder®. Users can now generate code for Simulink models, deploy it to commissioning tools, and get feedback on the performance of the models, which is helpful for parameterization. The latest code-generation techniques using coder descriptors enable greater customization and improve maintainability of the target files.


Key Outcomes

  • Saved time in the code integration and build process
  • Reduced undetected errors that could cause expensive mistakes
  • Reduced system downtime required for optimization

Products Used

  • Simulink
  • Embedded Coder


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