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The best and brightest engineers and scientists in the world use MATLAB and Simulink as tools of inspiration and innovation. The result: solutions that are transforming the way we live, work, and learn.


Siemens Applies Model-Based Development and Commissioning for Industrial Assets

minimize energy cost 01.jpg

BuildingIQ Develops Proactive Algorithms for HVAC Energy Optimization in Large-Scale Buildings


VE Commercial Vehicles Establishes Ride Comfort Characteristics of Tractor-Semitrailers


PTTEP Optimizes Gas Field Production and Automates Generation of Production Forecasts

Vitesco Technologies Applies Deep Reinforcement Learning in Powertrain Control

MATLAB-Cancer Treatment-2.jpg

Signal Processing and Advanced Image Reconstruction Improves Cancer Treatments


Mondi Implements Statistics-Based Health Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance for Manufacturing Processes with Machine Learning

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How AI and Signal Processing Came Together to Track the DNA of Sound


Daimler Designs Cruise Controller for Mercedes-Benz Trucks

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