Big Data with MATLAB

MATLAB® provides a single, high-performance environment for working with big data. MATLAB is:

Easy — Use familiar MATLAB functions and syntax to work with big datasets, even if they don’t fit in memory.

Convenient — Work with the big data storage systems you already use, including traditional file systems, SQL and NoSQL databases, and Hadoop/HDFS.


Scalable — Use the processing platform that suits your needs, from your local desktop machine to Hadoop — without rewriting your algorithms.

“High-performance computing with MATLAB enables us to process previously unanalyzed big data. We translate what we learn into an understanding of how human activities affect the health of ecosystems to inform responsible decisions about what humans do in the ocean and on land.”


-Dr. Christopher Clark, Cornell University

Using MATLAB for Big Data

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MATLAB Makes Working with Big Data Easy and Accessible

Use Distributed Arrays for:

Access Data

Use MATLAB datastores to access data that normally does not fit into the memory of a single computer. Datastores support a variety of data types and storage systems.

Learn How to Access and Work with:

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Explore, Process, and Analyze Data

Explore, clean, process, and gain insight from big data using hundreds of data manipulation, mathematical, and statistical functions in MATLAB.

Tall arrays allow you to apply statistics, machine learning, and visualization tools to data that does not fit in memory. Distributed arrays allow you to apply math and matrix operations on data that fits into the aggregate memory of a compute cluster. Both tall arrays and distributed arrays allow you to use the same functions that you’re already familiar with.

Develop Predictive Methods

Use advanced mathematics and machine learning algorithms in MATLAB to perform unsupervised and supervised learning with big data.

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MATLAB Makes Working with Big Data Easy and Accessible

MATLAB Makes Engineering and Scientific Teams More Productive

MATLAB helps your teams focus on their work instead of having to integrate a new system or learn how to program big data.

  • Purpose-built algorithms and tools allow your teams to focus on their work, not big data programming

  • MATLAB plugs into your existing systems and processes

  • It offers rapid operationalization of your analytics royalty-free

MATLAB Fits into Your IT Infrastructure

Access and analyze big data with MATLAB using your existing IT systems and processes, including:

  • Desktop PC with local disk and fileshares

  • SQL and NoSQL databases

  • Hadoop, HDFS, and Spark

MATLAB helps your teams focus on their work instead of having to integrate a new system or learn how to program big data.

You can also deploy analytics (2:28) in interactive, streaming, and batch applications royalty-free.

MATLAB and Simulink products are used in mission-critical applications including automotive, aerospace, manufacturing, and medical and are fully supported. 95% of our support calls receive responses in less than 3 minutes by a team of support engineers.

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