06 Mar 2020 | 10:00am-11:00am | Online Via Webex

Development of Vision-Enabled Autonomous Vehicles/Systems using MATLAB 

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Computer Vision/Image Processing, Machine Learning and Deep Learning is an enabling technology that is driving the development of several of the smart systems today like self-driving cars, augmented reality, and autonomous robotics.

Computer vision applies complex algorithms to images and video to detect, classify, and track objects or events to understand a real-world scene.

What You Will Learn

Attend this webinar to learn how MATLAB can be used to simplify the vision-enabled system design workflow from algorithm development to implementation on embedded systems and other platforms.

Who Should Attend

Autonomous Vehicle, Verification & Validation Engineer, R &D Engineer - Autonomous Vehicle,  Scientists - Robotics & AI, Robotics Engineer, Control Systems Engineer


Presented By


Ian Alferez

Application Engineering Manager


Kevin Chng

Application Engineer

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