Automated Driving Live Webinar Series

03  Apr 2020 | 3:00pm - 4:00pm (GMT+8) | Online Via Webex

ADAS and Automated Driving with MATLAB and Simulink

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As the level of automation increases, the use scenarios become less restricted and the testing requirements increase, making the need for modeling and simulation more critical. In this session, you will learn how MATLAB® and Simulink® support engineers building automated driving systems with increased levels of automation. 


What You Will Learn

​ Attend this webinar to learn new features in MATLAB releases 2019b and 2020a for:

  • Designing perception, planning, and controls components

  • Testing by simulating driving scenarios and sensor models

  • Deploying by generating C/C++ code

Who Should Attend 


Automotive Engineer, Automated Driving Engineer, Autonomous System Engineer, Robotics Engineer, Scientist, Researcher

Presented By


Ian Alferez

Application Engineering Manager

Ian M. Alferez is the Application Engineering Manager at TechSource Systems. He specializes in the field of an embedded system (embedded coder configuration), data analytics (Machine Learning) and technical computing with MATLAB / Simulink.

Before joining Techsource Asia, he worked as a Software Development Engineer at Lear Corporation where he refined his skills in Model-Based Design with regards to the Verification and Validation Workflow and Embedded Software / Hardware. 

He has built his forte in Process Automation with MATLAB, Production Code Customization, Optimization, and Generation with Embedded Coder, MATLAB / Simulink Algorithm for Auto Code Generation and Hardware Target Deployment, Customizing the Auto Test Generation / Property Proving with Simulink Design Verifier.

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