Sales Manager

Role by functions
The big picture


  • Navigate and communicate with the whole team to maintain consistency with country yearly priority, management’s direction and strategy, and informed of company activities and initiatives.

  • Adopt and study Malaysia business culture, government policy, budget line and craft the country planning based on the local requirements.

  • To convey the message and information from top managements latest strategies update, this included information from our U.S. Principal as well to the teams.

  • To ensure staff adhere to company policy, code of conducts, P&C for company business information and pricing matter.

  • Treats staff fairly, provides frequent constructive feedback and encouragement, and demonstrates a sincere interest in their success and well-being.

  • To attract top-notch sales reps, application engineers, including interviewing, hiring, monitoring, employee feedback and documentation, counseling and coaching, and performance management / improvement when needed. Review staff performance base on set criteria thru appraisal

  • Assess skill sets and provide ongoing coaching and feedback to team members to meet country priority objectives, reinforce sales methodology (solution selling) and provide guidance on career path direction. Implement personal development plans for individual team members.

  • To accept feedback and advice from the company’s top management on improvement of personal development plan.

  • Cultivate a good working habit and harmonious culture in office. Have various humanity and cultural activities to promote team bonding and motivation.

Sales function

  • Lead sales team to follow the sales methodology and best practices, as well as the adoption of solution-selling to convert sales potential into opportunities.

  • Provide ongoing coaching and training to sales reps regarding sales skills, product knowledge, and market focus. Impart to them the appropriate prospecting techniques for securing new customers (Perpetual software), key account management (Maintanence subscription), and general account maintenance. Work with the Account Manager to ensure that the sales reps are properly trained and proficient in our sales methodology.

  • Conduct reviews of business activities including sales call activity, lead follow up, account reviews, prospecting and performance for each sales rep, personnel issues, and professional developmental opportunities.

  • Help to identify and communicate competitive losses/wins opportunities across the commercial and education sales.

  • Provide guideline to sales reps when dealing with reseller in order to control the sales process.

  • Obtain weekly sales forecasts from each sale rep and prepare a management level revenue projection for the current month, quarter and year. Manage and coach sales reps to ensure accurate and timely forecasts which are reflected in monthly update.


  • Overseeing with local marketing to collect and communicate with corporate marketing requirements and competitive data, including competitor details, latest products update, license models and value proposition strategies. Facilitate discussions cross functionally to ensure needs of the sales teams are being met, and issues are being addressed.

  • Provide guidance on a consistent basis, dish out ideas to the marketing team in order to work on more creativity sales, marketing strategies, events handling and craft the activities based on customers’ applications and backgrounds.

  • Work with Regional Marketing and Customer Success Manager in overseeing the account and opportunity planning activities within the team with the ability to identify and implement new initiatives to maximize revenue and market potential for new and existing customers.


  • Oversee the technical team and ensure adequate support is rendered for the pre-sales and post sales cases.

  • Work with the Regional Application Engineer Manager jointly to plan for the technical team development milestone based on local need application.

  • Construct review plan with the team on country technical initiative case with customer on POC.


  • Work on the country yearly plan (yearly country priority) to look into the company’s business growth, sales, marketing, technical and operation activities.

  • Responsible for overseeing that the team is supporting the sales opportunities effectively in their assigned area.

  • Responsible for driving the professional development of sales staff, including mentorship, training, and performance evaluation.

  • Responsible for leading and managing a small to medium sized sales team to achieve quarterly and annual revenue target.

  • Responsible for establishing business network between the industries and build business collaboration with targeted clients or partners.

  • Responsible for reviewing and monitoring the country’s initiatives plan and measure the progress and goal.

  • Responsible for the company long term, mid-term and short-term plans for Malaysia team to achieve.

Long Term Activities Plan

  • To set the company growth by YoY

  • Introduce working collaboration into sales, technical and support and proper management.

  • To cover all tier 1 automotive playing in Malaysia as user and available org chart and also expend the existing user to others department.

  • Improve company daily operation process in a systematic way and follow the department’s set process.

  • Create a dedicated team of each department to actively promote the core value of each department to hit the company set target and direction.

  • To expand the coverage and sales revenue on education sales.

Mid Term Activities Plan

  • To monitor monthly sales activity and review the progress in each quarter.

  • Look into existing company’s operation process and work with managers to come out the solution to improve the process.

  • To build and create champion on education segments. Work on the news sales rep to expend the education based customers.

  • Increase coverage and sales revenue in Honda and Nissan.

Short Term Activities Plan

  • To maintain and achieve monthly sales target and open quotes.

  • To execute plan marketing activities and make sure sales follow up on every leads generate from these activities.

  • Understand that each sales reps feedback on each opportunity and let the team lead provide the proper advice based on problems.

  • Review and cross check that each of the team members are following closely and work on their own tasks and responsibility.

  • Overseeing company daily activities and motivate team member to overcome any obstacle.

Other duties:
• Moderate domestic travel (10%-20%)
• Acceptance of any ad hoc duties as assigned.


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